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Gabon: Cap Esterias

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[Visited: April 2013]

What to do on a Saturday afternoon? The sky was overcast, and we preferred to leave the city. We opted for the northern point of the peninsula on which Libreville is located: Cap Esterias, which seemed quite easy to reach: a taxibus to past the airport, and from there, another minivan to the end of the road. Construction works meant that the going was slow, but we arrived, and were close to the cape itself, where we found a quaint tower-lighthouse. We walked the beach towards the east, followed by a cute dog, and to our surprise, found the beaches empty.

Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): View of the beach of Cap Esterias

There were a few pirogues, but otherwise, not much. Yes, some strange and completely out of place toys from a luna park - a crocodile, a small car, and more, forever stuck in the ground. We passed a mangrove swamp, played with the dog, and returned as the tide was coming up fast. We passed a bar that had seemed a good place for a drink on the way out, but it seemed closed. There were other restaurants and bars that were closed - and looked like they had been for a long time. Strange, as this area has quite some potential; it would just need cleaning and some organizing.

Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): White beach of Cap Esterias

The tide had now taken over the last stretch of beach to the lighthouse, so we walked there overland. Fishermen were trying their luck at the cape. We found what had been a hotel once, but in a bad need of repairs. What a location, with the great views around - and what a pity! One restaurant was open, and we had a tasty lunch here, before we started walking back towards the city on the muddy road. No buses were passing, and we were lucky enough to find a very friendly Togolese who took us back to Libreville in his shiny 4WD.

Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): Pirogue on the beach of Cap Esterias
Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): Mangrove swamp and beach at Cap Esterias
Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): Wide beach at low tide at Cap Esterias
Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): Part of the beach at Cap Esterias
Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): Sand bank near Cap Esterias
Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): Part of the beach at Cap Esterias
Picture of Cap Esterias (Gabon): Relics of a luna park grounded at Cap Esterias

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