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Djibouti: Djibouti town

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[Visited: October 2006]

After a night drive from Dire Dawa in Ethiopia, we arrived in the heat and chaos of Djibouti. The dirty streets and a humid, unforgiving climate were a complete contrast to what we were used to, and it took some time to adjust. But pretty soon, we discovered the attractions of Djibouti ville. There are no major sights, but the attractions are rather in the atmosphere, the collection of different architectural styles, the influences from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, all making for an exotic mix. To the south of the city you can find the African quarter, a messy, noisy, dirty and poor area of town, but at the same time, a colourful and lively place. While less geared towards visitors, it is here that you will find lots of qat stalls where Djiboutians fill up on their daily dose of the sedative leaves.

Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): French-Islamic school on the main street into Djibouti town

There is the main square, Arthur Rimbaud or Place Mahamoud Harbi, holding the bus station as well as the central market, and an attractive chaos. Vendors calling for customers, while bus boys are yelling for passengers, minibuses driving up and down, all with their own name painted prominently on the outside, birds flying low over the crowd looking for food, people walking criss-cross over the square: walking the square is never the same, and always an assault on all your senses at the same time. On one side of the square stands the modest and delightful Grand Mosque.

Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Arched street typical for Djibouti town

Walking further north brings you to the more organized, European quarter of town, with Place Ménélik and the embassy area; this is the way to the port which, although growing rapidly and one of the main reasons for existence of the city, is not very attractive. Central Djibouti holds most of the practical places that visitors need: shops, restaurants, bars, currency exchange, and such. It has some pleasant streets, diverse architecture, and in general is the quiet part of town. Here you will find most foreigners, including the French legionnaires parading the city in their remarkable uniform.

Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Mahamoud Harbi or Arthur Rimbaud square with bus station and central market
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Windows in typical Djibouti house on Avenue 13
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): French-islamic school and other building on main street of Djibouti town
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Djibouti town: people offering services in the streets
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Selling qat in the streets of the African quarter of Djibouti town
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Grand Mosque: minaret
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Grand Mosque of Djibouti town in the light of dusk
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Arched wall in one of the streets of the European quarter
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Quiet street in the European quarter
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Prominent building on the Place Ménélik
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Islamic building made by corrugated iron
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Messy street in the African quarter
Picture of Djibouti town (Djibouti): Street in the African quarter in Djibouti ville

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