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Eritrea: Eritrean colours

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Eritrean colours | Eritrea | Africa

[Visited: January 2004]

Eritrea is a colourful country, not just because of its architecture or its landscapes, but also because of the women with their brightly coloured dresses. They make every street or village, every stretch of desert or local bus a feast for the eye. You can walk in an apparently remote area of the country and come across a woman in bright yellow, orange, green or blue. For the women themselves, their dresses are probably just normal clothes, but for the visitor, they become the aesthetic ingredients of a street scene.

Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Eritrean woman with colourful clothes

Obviously, the markets are another place where these colours meet. Sitting behind their brightly coloured fruit, the marketwomen complete the scene with their decorated and carefully worn dresses. Wherever you go, they are a challenge for every photographer. Sometimes, you feel like taking pictures everywhere and of everyone, because while you are focusing on a woman with a deep blue dress, the next appears in the corner of your eye with a red one.

Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Woman carrying jerrycan

Dresses combine with brightly painted doors, with walls of houses, with other dresses and merge perfectly in landscapes. Fortunately, the sun was very cooperative and made the colours speak for themselves!

Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Colourful women on beach with donkey, Iddi
Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Eritrean resting on stairs in Asmara
Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Ghina: colourfully dressed Eritrean girls
Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Orange dressed woman in Keren market
Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Woman resting in the shade
Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Two women walking in the fields near Senafe
Picture of Eritrean colours (Eritrea): Colourful Eritrean woman in streets of Foro

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