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Ghana: Ghana Market

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Ghana Market | Ghana | Africa

[Visited: October 2000]

West Africa is notorious for its lively and colourful markets and Ghana certainly has some of the best to offer. African life revolves around markets. For a true picture of a country, the market is the place to go. Everything is for sale. Although the markets usually are chaotic and crowded, the wares are generally piled up in an orderly fashion. All in all, the market is a particularly interesting place to visit. It is not only an economic place, but also very much a social gathering.

Picture of Ghana Market (Ghana): Tomato seller on African market

Africans are born traders and this is obvious anywhere you go. Buses are raided even before they come to a stop, with people trading anything they can. You can find stalls almost anywhere you go in the street. Very convenient. Virtually any place can turn into a market place - sometimes this is organized, but often a tree can invite traders to use the shadow as the roof of their improvised street shop.

Picture of Ghana Market (Ghana): Street market in Kumasi

Apart from the items you might expect in any market, like fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, African markets also offer services like hair dressers, sewing machines, copy services, and many other things. For me, African markets radiate strength, they are vibrant, they draw you like a magnet. Traders do not have an easy life but are invariably extremely friendly and joyful. Ah yes, don't forget to bargain! It is all part of the game. Or, it is a game in itself!

Picture of Ghana Market (Ghana): Street hairdresser

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