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Somalia: Mogadishu lighthouse

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Mogadishu lighthouse | Somalia | Africa

[Visited: December 2014]

It is one of the landmark buildings of Mogadishu, even after it has been largely reduced to ruins during the war: the lighthouse of the city. So much so, that it is one of the first stops on our visit to the capital. After we get off the car, one of the armed guards opens a panel in a wall, and we step inside a compound. It is clear that these were once beautiful buildings; if you look carefully, you can still see details of decorations on the walls. Like so many others in Mogadishu, these buildings did not survive the war. Walking past them, where small boats are haphazardly lying on the ground, we reach the hexagonal tower. It lies at a natural strategic point, and therefore saw heavy fighting in the war.

Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): View of the small beach with the lighthouse at the end

My guide tells me that it was built by the Italians, but other sources say that the origins might be pre-colonial, and that it is not even certain whether this was ever officially used as a lighthouse. When we enter the building, we can look straight to where the light once must has been. A spiral staircase leads up, but is largely destroyed. The floors have holes in them, you can see the rusty threads sticking out of the concrete. I manage to climb up one floor, which requires holding on to one of the rusty threads, hoping it won't break. Once there, I meet a caretaker, who has his bed, and a radio, in one of the rooms. Or, well, room: a space with openings in the walls, no door, no windows, and nothing but a rickety bed. I walk into the spaces around the tower, which offer views either towards the sea, the ruins we have just walked through, or the small beach under the tower.

Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): The spiral staircase inside the lighthouse

Once downstairs again, we walk down the stair on the side, past street stalls selling mangoes, to the fine sand of the small, secluded beach. Ahead of us, the ruins of the Uruba hotel, currently housing the African Union soldiers. It is a Friday, and there are lots of people on the beach; playing in the water, coming from one of the many boats, or playing football. When I turn around, and see the lighthouse at the far end of the beach, with the boats bobbing on the waves, I realize that this must have been one of the prettiest corners of Mogadishu. Before, that is, the lighthouse was reduced to rubble, and the surrounding buildings were destroyed.

Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): Windows of the lighthouse with armed guard
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): Some blue paint still remains on the spiral staircase inside the lighthouse
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): There are no doors anymore: opening in a wall inside the lighthouse
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): Spiral staircase inside the lighthouse with caretaker
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): Interior of the lighthouse with the caretaker
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): The lighthouse at the end of the small beach in the old part of Mogadishu
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): One of the floors of the lighthouse with the spiral staircase in the middle
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): The lighthouse seen from within the compound
Picture of Mogadishu lighthouse (Somalia): Lighthouse on the far left, with other buildings and boats in the compound

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