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Namibia: Namib Desert Details

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Namib Desert Details | Namibia | Africa

[Visited: July 1994, February 1995, July 1999]

The sanddunes are probably the best known feature of Namibia. The panoramas are indeed a gift for the eye. But upon closer inspection, also micro-landscapes of sanddunes can be very interesting. It is recommendable to stay a few days at the dunes, not to rush on to the next sights. Because there is much more to see than the amazing dune landscapes.

Picture of Namib Desert Details (Namibia): Profile of sand dune near Sossusvlei

It can be so relaxing to just sit down on a dune, and let time and life pass by. Yes, life. Because even on these remote and unhabitable places, life can be found. You can see mostly small insects on their long road to apparently nowhere, you can see the eternally shifting sands, and when you look back after having stood somewhere, you see that the wind erases your traces rapidly.

Picture of Namib Desert Details (Namibia): Close up of sand dune near Sossusvlei

This adds to the feeling of eternity on the one hand, and that of smallness on the other. When you look up from the sand after having sat there for some time, and you see all that sand continuing on all sides to the horizon, and beyond, you realize how much of an insect you are on this world. Saying more about these pictures is useless. Enjoy them!

Picture of Namib Desert Details (Namibia): Close up of sand dune near Sossusvlei

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