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Djibouti: Sable Blanc

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[Visited: October 2006]

One of the reasons to go to Djibouti was to have some time at the sea, cool off in the waters of the Gulf of Tadjourah and to go scuba diving. After a visit to Moucha island, dominated by a resort but with some good diving, it became clear that, especially out of school holiday periods, it would not be easy to reach any beach destination in Djibouti. We decided to travel to Tadjourah and hop over to Sable blanc from there - even that was only possible during the Muslim weekend. But when the small boat from Tadjourah finally approached Sable blanc before sunset, we realized how beautiful it was.

Picture of Sable Blanc (Djibouti): Sable blanc: beach and quiet waters

Hidden from the main land by a small mountain range, the beach stretches out along the coast, on one side, a rocky outcrop of the mainland protects the bay against the open sea, the colour of the sea is turquoise, and a little further on, there are some smaller beaches as well. It is difficult to reach from the mainland, but there is a rocky road, which you can actually walk up to get a nice view over the bay and the surrounding area. Especially nice to do around sunrise. Otherwise, there is a hotel operating right on the beach, with some open tukuls to stow your belongings while it is entirely possible to sleep on the beach.

Picture of Sable Blanc (Djibouti): Shadow of photographer in tranquil and transparent waters of Sable blanc

The staff at the hotel are good cooks, everyone eats in his own tukul, and there are some basic facilities as well. Otherwise, the main purpose of Sable blanc is, obviously, to wind down, to relax on the sand and in the waters of the Gulf of Tadjourah, to snorkel, and to just take a book and read in the sun. Some light breeze even makes the temperature bearable. Getting back was easier, as there is a direct boat service to Djibouti town. It was amazing to see how many things the French beachgoers had packed for their one night out. Anyway, it was not easy to leave Sable blanc, and when we entered Djibouti town, we missed it even more.

Picture of Sable Blanc (Djibouti): Sable blanc beach in the early morning
Picture of Sable Blanc (Djibouti): View from above over the beach of Sable blanc just after sunrise
Picture of Sable Blanc (Djibouti): Beach of Sable blanc
Picture of Sable Blanc (Djibouti): Sable blanc beach
Picture of Sable Blanc (Djibouti): Rocks at the end of the main beach of Sable blanc

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