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Seychelles: Seychelles beaches

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[Visited: July 2003]

The Seychelles are known mainly for their exotic beaches. So much so, that it is likely that most of you have, unknowingly, seen some of them in movies and commercials - you know, the ones about certain drinks, snacks and shampoo. Tourism is still limited, which means that, with some effort, you can have one of those beaches (almost) to yourself! Obviously, the easily accessible beaches have more visitors, but even those are pretty empty.

Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Source d'Argent, La Digue: granite boulders

A characteristic of most beaches are the transparent waters, the white sand, and the frame of granite boulders and lush green vegetation behind the beach. Once arrived on the beach, be careful not to spread out your towel right under a palmtree full of coconuts, because they have already done harm to people before. Also, you have to be careful about the tides, because the sea comes up considerably (and washes away everything in its way!). In general, be aware that even in the dry season, you may catch a lot of rain, which makes beaches a little less attractive.

Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Seychelles, La Digue: palmtree at Grande Anse

Some of the most beautiful beaches we found on Mahé included Anse Major and Anse Soleil. The former can only be reached by foot or boat, and is located in a small bay with a small river running out to the sea. On Praslin, the famed Anse Lazio probably is one of the most crowded beaches in the Seychelles, although still quiet to many other standards. On La Digue, however, beautiful beaches can be found all around the island, of which probably Anse Patates, Anse Coco and Anse Source d'Argent are the most beautiful, all in their own way.

Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Anse Cocos beach, La Digue
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Empty tropical beach at Anse Major, Mahe Island
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Palm Tree over Anse Baleine, Mahe
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Seychelles: Anse Source d'Argent beach
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): White beach at Anse Patates, La Digue
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Grey granite and white sand at Anse Patates Beach
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): White sand and boulders at Anse Cocos
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Granite boulders, jungle and beach at Anse Source d'Argent
Picture of Seychelles beaches (Seychelles): Anse Source d'Argent beach, La Digue

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