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Togo: Togo impressions

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Togo impressions | Togo | Africa

[Visited: December 1986; August 1988; August 1994]

My first experience with West Africa was Togo. And I was truly impressed and surprised. At that time, the country was a source of stability and peace in the region. And visiting villages brought very special experiences with it. After having travelled extensively in Europe, this was a completely different world, exciting, and it really opened the rest of the world to me.

Picture of Togo impressions (Togo): Market in Lomé

But I will mainly remember the country because I had a very serious attack of malaria here. While staying for a few months, I slowly felt weaker and weaker. At a certain point I was not even able to get out of the bed anymore, because I was too dizzy. When measuring the temperature, it was 41.6 Celsius! Fortunately, friends of mine were able to carry me to a local private hospital.

Picture of Togo impressions (Togo): Village in northern Togo

After a lot of medicines to get the fever down, I had to lay down for 4 more days with an infusion. The worst part was that I was offered many nice meals, but I was simply not able to eat the meals once they were placed in front of me. I am still thankful to the doctors who managed to cure me. It was a real close call...

Picture of Togo impressions (Togo): Togolese hut in the north of the country

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