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Uganda: Uganda Light

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Uganda Light | Uganda | Africa

[Visited: November 2005]

That morning, we left early for a long drive back to Kampala. As we came out of a valley, sunlight came in from the right, and we looked to the source of the light. Sunrays filtered through early morning fog hanging in the valley, and we saw a play of light and shadow with the fog, the trees, and the sun. We just had to stop and watch the spectacle before driving on. For the next several hours, we were glued to the landscape and the sunlight playing with it.

Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Sunrays and morning fog as examples of beautiful Ugandan light

While on a boat tour on the Victoria Nile, the skies rapidly turned from a bright blue to a menacing grey. While our boat and direct surroundings were still in the sunlight, we saw immensely grey clouds coming in from a distance. Together with the sunlight reflected on the small islets of grass in the Nile, the light conditions turned amazing and we just could not stop looking at the scenery and the light. Minutes after this picture was taken, the clouds caught up with us and rained down mercilessly.

Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Dark clouds and green islets, together with Ugandan light, made for an unforgettable experience

On one of our early morning game drives, we saw the sky colouring yellow, orange and purple, and then saw the sun tearing itself loose from the horizon. It soon started to lighten our surroundings, and when later clouds started rolling in, the filtering of the sunrays through the clouds was no less spectacular and made the picture of the beautiful plains complete. Also driving around the country and walking in the forests made us see some fine, delicate lighting conditions.

Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Sunrise over Kazinga Channel at Queen Elizabeth National Park
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Sunlight seeping through the thick vegetation of the impenetrable forest
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Rays of sunlight trying to reach ground in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Showers in a grey sky with palm tree and bank of Victoria Nile in sunlight
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Clouds gathering over the Victoria Nile
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Tea plantation with green and grey imposing the visitor
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): House in valley under grey skies near Bwindi
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Cloudy sunrise over Kazinga Channel
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Crater lake in Queen Victoria National Park
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Sunlight filtering through an overcast sky at Murchison Falls National Park
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Morning sun breaking through the skies over Queen Elizabeth National Park
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Kazinga Channel, looking towards Lake Edward
Picture of Uganda Light (Uganda): Early morning light over Victoria Nile

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