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Cameroon: Municipal Lake

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[Visited: April 2013]

We had dropped our passports with a visa application just before, and after we found out the museum we had wanted to visit was under repair, we decided to walk to nearby Municipal Lake instead. On one side, buildings line the lake, while on the other, vegetation reaches right to the waterline. We walked clockwise around the lake, from the southernmost point - on a tree-lined street. After a while, we saw a waterlily-covered pond on our left. A little further up the lake, we passed several buildings, and got a view of the northern part of the lake, almost dry. Across the lake, we saw a small market, and heard rhythmic music traveling over the water surface.

Picture of Municipal Lake (Cameroon): View of the Municipal lake from the southern side

We reached a bigger road on the northern side of the lake, and stuck to the lake line itself, which now took us towards the city and the typical city buildings we had seen from a distance. Big concrete buildings, one of them a solid tower, define the skyline of the lake here. We passed the market, and found a building on the left with some provoking mural on its walls. This is where the music we had heard before was coming from - we poked our noses inside, and were invited in.

Picture of Municipal Lake (Cameroon): Close-up of mural on the wall of a building lining the Municipal lake

Apart from being a school, it turned out to be a rehearsal hall for the national ballet of Cameroon, and we sat there, watching the dancers work it out, following the beat of the live music. It seemed crazy: even sitting down, we were sweating, but these dancers were used to it. In the intervals between dances, some of them sat with us to chat - it turned out they had been to several places far away (United States, Japan, etc.) to perform. If only the audience could see their rehearsal room here! We walked further down the lake, and back towards the city where we had a sweet pineapple before heading back to our shady prostitute hotel.

Picture of Municipal Lake (Cameroon): Municipal lake reflecting the surrounding buildings
Picture of Municipal Lake (Cameroon): Waterflowers covering the pond on the western side of the Municipal lake
Picture of Municipal Lake (Cameroon): Northern end of the municipal lake
Picture of Municipal Lake (Cameroon): Reflection of modern buildings of Yaoundé in the municipal lake
Picture of Municipal Lake (Cameroon): Water of the municipal lake reflecting the market stalls on the other side of the lake

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