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Costa Rica: Bahía Drake

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[Visited: April 2000]

One of the more isolated places in Costa Rica is Bahía Drake and the Osa Peninsula. Although the country is small, it is not easy to arrive here. But no matter how you get here, the last part is beautiful, and the trip certainly worth it. In our case, we arrived in Bahía Drake on the once-a-week Landrover drive from Puerto Jiménez - it takes some 4 hours to cover the 60 kilometer drive. But every bit of this drive is scenic! And Bahia Drake is certainly a step closer to Paradise, so actually 4 hours is very little. Tranquillity, a lovely sea and beach, almost completely untouched wilderness beyond... immediately upon arrival we fell in love with this place. And not in the last place, the marvellous sunsets!

Picture of Bahía Drake (Costa Rica): Playa Llorona - Drake Bay

Bahia Drake can also be a base for explorations in the neighbourhood. We went diving near Isla del Caño, where we saw a lot of marine life, among which large amounts of white tipped reef sharks. The other obvious activity to do here is hiking in one of the least touched jungle areas in the world. We walked from San Pedrillo, the entrance to the Park, to Playa Llorena. After sweating it out in the jungle for an hour and a half, you suddenly arrive at the sea and, if the tide is not too high, a fantastic desolated beach opens up before you. As soon as low tide has passed, the sea starts to conquer back lost territory. For this reason, hiking in this park requires some planning, because there are stretches which have to be walked on the beach.

Picture of Bahía Drake (Costa Rica): Llorona river - Drake Bay

We also took a boat to Sirena, a small settlement in the middle of the jungle. From here, several trails in the neighbourhood can be walked. And the interesting thing is, that in this area more mammals can be spotted. And apart from the many monkeys, butterflies, agoutis, we also saw snakes and caimans. Actually, the monkeys gave us a clear feeling of not being wanted in the jungle, as wherever we met them, they threw leaves and small pieces of trees at us, while making a lot of noise, and giving demonstrations of their phenomenal jumping abilities. All in all, this area is above all a wilderness experience.

Picture of Bahía Drake (Costa Rica): Beach of Bahia Drake

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