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U.S.A.: Brooklyn Bridge

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Brooklyn Bridge | U.S.A. | Americas

[Visited: December 2000 and July 2008]

Although I had reached Brooklyn very early that morning, it was early afternoon when I passed under the \"Manhattan\" sign at the beginning of the bridge. At this point, the bridge is still hidden behind buildings; it was only when the access road turned left that the bridge unveiled her beauty. As I proceeded, a very exciting view unfolded itself in front of my eyes. The gigantic gothic pylons of the suspension bridge, the traffic on both sides below me, the East River under the bridge, and the skyline of Manhattan make for a unique urban scenery. I could easily identify the remarkable buildings of Manhattan; not just lower Manhattan, but as far as Chrysler Building.

Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Skyline of lower Manhattan framed by Brooklyn Bridge

As I continued walking, being careful to keep left and on the pedestrian side of the walkway to avoid collision with cyclists racing by, and zoomed in on Manhattan, the steel cables above me, leading up to the enormous pylons of the bridge, I felt completely dwarfed by these fascinating human constructions. The Brooklyn Bridge squeaked under the constant load of traffic below us. After having seen this steel and stone structure from a distance, it somehow came as a surprise to see wooden planks as the surface for the walkway. At several points, notably around the pylons, there is some more room for some undisturbed views of the city.

Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Pylon and steel cables at Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge had a difficult beginning in the 1870s, as the original designer of the bridge died of an accident before construction started. Twenty people died during construction, but Brooklyn Bridge was officially opened in 1883, easily being the longest bridge of its kind in the world. Since no such bridge had ever been built, in 1884 a herd of 21 elephants were walked across the bridge to prove its strength. And indeed, despite increased traffic the bridge has proven to be well-designed. Brooklyn Bridge may well continue to remain a landmark of New York City for a long time to come.

Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Cables of Brooklyn Bridge with the skyline of lower Manhattan
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Pylon, street-lamp, cables and Manhattan in the background
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): One of the pylons of Brooklyn Bridge
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Spanning East River, Brooklyn Bridge is a New York icon
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Pedestrians and cyclists can also cross Brooklyn Bridge
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Gothic style pylon of Brooklyn Bridge with lower Manhattan in the background
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Brooklyn Bridge and skyline of Brooklyn in the background
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Walking across Brooklyn Bridge
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Steel cables keeping Brooklyn Bridge together
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): View of Brooklyn Bridge from below
Picture of Brooklyn Bridge (U.S.A.): Looking across Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn

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