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Grenada: Carriacou Island

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[Visited: October 2011]

A drizzle came down from the sky as our small boat which had taken us here from Union Island, dropping workers off at Petit Saint Vincent, moored at the pier in Hillsborough. After the border formalities and settling in a guesthouse right on the main street of this town, it was dry outside, and we went for a hike to the other side of the island. Following the main road, it offered great views, especially from the highest point. After the excursion to Windward, we were just in time to be back in Hillsborough, where the skies had cleared and we watched the sun setting the sky and clouds on fire.

Picture of Carriacou Island (Grenada): South west point of Carriacou with Manchineel Bay

Hillsborough itself we found a laid back town, stretched out along the coast and with a pretty beach right on the waterfront. A small market, a bus station, and several shops and banks provide for all the necessary facilities, all within easy walking distance. There are no sights here; at the same time it is a great place to just hang out and watch life go by. Smoking ganja (weed) is a way of life for quite a few guys hanging out at the northern side of town, which only adds to the relaxed feeling the town has. During the day, Hillsborough is pretty calm, but soon after darkness falls, it becomes virtually empty, leaving the visitor little choice on where to have dinner. But that is inherent in such a low-paced community.

Picture of Carriacou Island (Grenada): Sunset over Hillsborough Bay and moored yacht

The island is surrounded by reefs, for which the original inhabitants, the Amerindians, actually named it Kayryouacou - or land of reefs. Part of our second day of the island, we actually spent diving and snorkeling off the Hillsborough coast. The people on the island had been very friendly thus far, making us feel welcome on this not very touristy island, off the cruise ship itineraries. Unfortunately, an aggressive guy in a shop changed our impression of the calm atmosphere; surely, he turned out to be an exception. Curious about the south of the island, we went to Tyrrel Bay, from where we hiked to Cassada Bay in the far south with some more hilly landscapes, great views over the several small islands off the coast, and view of Grenada island in the south. After another pretty sunset, watched from the waterfront, we ended up having a great dinner; it turned out that this was the better place to eat, compared to Hillsborough.

Picture of Carriacou Island (Grenada): Small islands off the south coast of Carriacou with a moored boat
Picture of Carriacou Island (Grenada): Landscape of Carriacou with hills and islands off the coast
Picture of Carriacou Island (Grenada): Landscape of Carriacou with pond and house
Picture of Carriacou Island (Grenada): Beach in Cassada Bay in the south of Carriacou with boats under a tree
Picture of Carriacou Island (Grenada): Painting with Rasta character on a shop in Hillsborough

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