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Cuba: Cuban people

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Cuban people | Cuba | Americas

[Visited: January 2002]

Cuba is the largest Caribbean country and this becomes clear also in the diversity of its population. Descendants of first Spanish settlers, African slaves, and a large part of the population which is a mix between these two groups. This certainly makes the Cubans a dynamic people - their musical talents are legendary around the world. And indeed, it is difficult not to hear Cubans sing in a bar of even the street, or hear them play a musical instrument. For some genetic reason, Cubans are able to perform until a very high age.

Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Old Cuban face

Unfortunately, Cuba's society and it's people are also formed by its political and economic situation. Since a few years, Cubans are allowed to possess dollars - for most, the only way to obtain them is to deal in some way or another with visitors. After decades of relative isolation and the economic blockade, this in many cases leads Cubans to act desperately in their search for the greenback currency, sometimes resorting to pure dishonesty and cheating.

Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Man enjoying Cuban sun

When my companion was robbed in Santiago, in broad daylight, with at least six bystanders, no one extended a hand or helped in any way. This, and other experiences we had, made us in fact quite desillusioned but at the same time also showed the enormous impact the influx of tourism can have. Some more remote places, where foreigners were not to be seen, carried a completely different atmosphere, friendliness and a certain curiosity for the foreign visitor.

Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Farmer with animal- Cuba
Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Old men sitting in the street
Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Drinking in Cuba
Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Man at market stall
Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Man on a donkey - Trinidad
Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Cuban girls in a street
Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Cuban people on the market
Picture of Cuban people (Cuba): Cuban selling tomatoes in the street

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