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Belize: Dangriga

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Dangriga | Belize | Americas

[Visited: July 1991]

When travelling through Guatemala with my sister in 1991, we decided also to make a side-step to Belize. At the time, it seemed nice to also include another country after the nice experiences we've had in Guatemala. So it was that we decided to pass through Belize on our way to Tikal in the North of Guatemala. After weeks in the highlands of Guatemala, we had to get used to the humid and hot climate of the coast upon arrival in Puerto Barrios in Guatemala. After one night there in the very Caribbean atmosphere of the village, we crossed to Belize by boat. It turned out to be a real adventure to cross the open sea with a small boat to Belize. Waves were high all around us and at a certain point we could hardly see the coast... When my sister asked me if we would make it swimming to the coast, I honestly had to say that it would not be easy. Fortunately, and completely wet, we arrived at the Punta Gorda immigration in Belize where they accepted our thoroughly wet passports.

Picture of Dangriga (Belize): Dangriga Key

From there, we took a bus ride to Dangriga where we hoped to find a nice place to stay a few days, to relax a little before going on another exploration tour to Tikal. We discovered that there had been a lot of rain, as the bus had to pass some very fragile bridges over what seemed to be very wide rivers. Upon arrival in Dangriga, especially my sister was met with a lot of admiration of local guys. In fact, it turned out to be impossible, even while walking together in the streets, for her not to receive all kinds of comments. Even when taking turns with swimming in sea, when I remained behind I was approached various times by the local heroes. They just wanted to make it very clear to me that I could not expect to have that beautiful girl all to myself, and that I would have to share her with them. I wisely decided not to tell them that she in fact was my sister. In the end everything turned out to be OK, but we certainly were fed up at a certain moment with all this attention.

Picture of Dangriga (Belize): Sunset on Dangriga Key

We spent two very quiet days on one of the keys in front of Dangriga. Just imagine lying in a hammock, swimming and snorkelling the whole day, walking around the very small island, enjoying also from the shore the crisp and clear view in the sea. In our trip to Central America, this certainly were the two most lazy days. Getting back from there to Guatemala was not as easy as it seemed, because buses broke down, and the weather turned bad. All in all, it was very interesting to visit a close, yet so different country compared to Guatemala.

Picture of Dangriga (Belize): Broken bus in Belize

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