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Haiti: Haitian people

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Haitian people | Haiti | Americas

[Visited: July 2007]

It may take a while to forget about the negative image of Haiti, but as soon as you do, you will be open to see the Haitians as they actually are. You realize that Haitian people are mostly very friendly, funny, honest, proud, and also hard working people, trying to stay afloat in a difficult environment. Apart from that, they are physically strong and beautiful. In the capital, we found the atmosphere a little tense, and perhaps after all the foreign interference with the country which never worked out well for Haitians, they eye foreigners with some suspicion. But in other parts of the country, we were amazed at how open and curious Haitians really are. Most foreigners nowadays are here for work, and travelers are not common at all, which seems to make Haitians very curious about those few they see.

Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Posing Haitian women

We had many encounters with Haitians in which they proved genuine and honest, with a rare combination of modesty, pride and humour. Genuine because they would just speak out their mind, say anything they felt like saying; honest because they rarely try to rip off the traveler - and if they do, it is often in such an outrageous manner that it is easy to spot. Haitians share a unique history, and are deservedly and visibly proud of being descendants of the heroes who established the first Black Republic in 1804. Unlike other poor countries, we found very few Haitians begging for money - they would rather do something about their poverty themselves instead of depending on someone's good heart.

Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Smiling girl posing for a picture

Haitians seem to have a love-hate relationship with cameras: sometimes we were approached aggressively just upon seeing a camera, sometimes people would put a chair outside their house and ask anyone passing by on the road to take a seat and have their picture taken, in an endless photoshoot with lots of giggles and stout stares. But probably the best experience we had was when a boat man who would take us to Labadie asked us an exaggerated price, after which we left his boat - to find that all other passengers followed us in solidarity, and we were off in another boat in matter of minutes. A great show of solidarity!

Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Face of serious pensative Haitian
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Young Haitian boy posing for the camera
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): A Haitian girl we met while walking on the road
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Haitian souvenir seller and his friend in Labadie
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Haitian woman staring
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Haitian girl posing for the picture
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Haitian guy with a perfect smile
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Haitian boy posing for his picture to be taken
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Haitian boy getting his point across
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Guy in Cap-Haïtien making himself seen in the back of a pick up truck
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Posing for the picture: Haitian boy with green wall
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Girl in shop posing for picture
Picture of Haitian people (Haiti): Posing with straw hat in the streets of Ouanaminthe on the border with DR

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