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Grenada: Lake Antoine

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[Visited: October 2011]

We got off at a crossroads in the north of Grenada, declined an offer from the driver to take us to our destination, and started walking through the lovely countryside. Palm trees, small rivers, views of the hills in a distance - a fine sample of Grenadian landscape. We passed the River Antoine rum distillery, where rum has been produced since more than 220 years. Although we imagined Lake Antoine to be right behind the distillery, we followed the road, and arrived at the sea where wild waves were breaking on a deserted beach. With free access to the island, the Atlantic arrives here with full force, the palm trees show signs of storms as they bend to one side; a rugged stretch of landscape.

Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Lake Antoine seen from a distance

It was inevitable that we had to walk uphill now, and the turnoff for Lake Antoine was not far off. While on the main road to the north we had seen little traffic, we felt that we would see no one anymore from this point on. A short hike up, and below us, a panorama opened showing the lake we were looking for. From here, it was easy to see the rim of the crater, totally overgrown with trees. We followed a dirt track down, until we reached a path leading to the volcanic lake. To our surprise, on the inside of the crater banana plantations have been constructed; we would learn later that these volcanic bananas are being exported. Would a consumer ever have an idea that her or his fruit would come from this wonderful setting?

Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Waterlilies and water-plants in Lake Antoine

When we reached the border of the lake, the first thing we noticed were tall waterplants, growing tightly together, towering above the pretty lilies lying on the surface of the lake. They blocked our view of the lake itself; we could not see more than a few metres of it, knowing that there is in fact a sizable lake beyond. There was a vague trail leading around the lake which we followed; in the worst case, we would make a full lap and return the same way we had come. Meanwhile, we saw exotic flowers, and suddenly ran into a big bull which looked quite annoyed at our visit. It was time to find our way up; we tried a steep hill, using the trees on the way to support us in our scramble to the top. When we finally reached it, it turned out we had arrived exactly at the spot where we had reached the lake. From here, it was an easy walk back to the main road, but not before a last view of the impressive nature spot below us.

Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Looking at the lakeshore of Lake Antoine
Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Water-plants growing inside Lake Antoine
Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Water-plants growing in Lake Antoine
Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Lake Antoine lakeshore
Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Green landscape around Lake Antoine
Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Bull roaming around Lake Antoine
Picture of Lake Antoine (Grenada): Waves rolling in on the coast close to Lake Antoine

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