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Venezuela: Los Roques

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[Visited: April 1999]

Already in preparing our trip to Venezuela, we stumbled upon the question whether or not to visit Los Roques. After hearing some stories about this archipelago, the question was whether to go at the beginning or at the end of our holidays. And after having visited, the question remains: when will we go back? We were very unlucky with the weather, coming there in the dry season and having rain half of the time is not nice. But even then, it was worthwile. The adventure already started in Caracas airport.

Picture of Los Roques (Venezuela): Los Roques

Instead of taking one of the regular flights, we had to charter a plane with a few other passengers to finally arrive at Los Roques. Especially the last bit of the flight was extremely beautiful: blue and green colours in combinations which we had never seen before in the sea, just before touchdown a lot of pelicans flying away, disturbed by the noise of the plane, and then the easy arrival: just walking off the plane onto the island's only main sandy street. The special atmosphere caught us right from the start, easy-going, laid-back, extremely relaxed.

Picture of Los Roques (Venezuela): Los Roques: palmtrees close to the shore

To explore the islands, a boat is a must. There is only one island which has a kind of a village, all the others are just rocks sticking out of the coral sea. Diving here was a unique experience, the coral is almost completely intact everywhere, and the sea is absolutely full of interesting tropical fishes. The water is so clear that you can even see the fishes from above the water without entering! Los Roques was like feeling in paradise, and it was a beautiful end to our holidays.

Picture of Los Roques (Venezuela): Los Roques beach with turquoise waters
Picture of Los Roques (Venezuela): Stacks of rocks close to the shoreline of one of the Los Roques islands
Picture of Los Roques (Venezuela): One of the beaches with clear sea water

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