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Bahamas: Man of War Point

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Man of War Point | Bahamas | Americas

[Visited: June 2014]

Even before I arrive at Orange Creek, I see a white beach stretching all the way to the far end to my left, the west. There appears to be a narrow opening between Cat Island and the beach: the entrance to the creek after which the town is named. My goal of the day is to reach Man o War Point, the northwestern cape of elongated Cat Island. When I arrive at a luxurious resort, the last place this far north on the island, it turns out there is a signposted trail to Man o War, and the hike takes around 45 minutes. I am early, so I can easily explore the area here first. I take off my sandals, and walk the endless Port Royal Beach towards the south. It is amazing to find such a beautiful beach, with pink-white sand that blinds your eyes, and turquoise waves softly washing ashore, without a single soul.

Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Clear turquoise waters at Man o War Point

Far ahead, I see a cape, and that is my goal - for now. When I arrive at the cape, I see another one, not too far ahead, and I reckon I still have time to go there. The beach narrows here, with trees on the beach and some branches right in the surf. When I round the cape, I can see Orange Creek from a distance, and the western coast of Cat Island behind it. It is time to turn around and walk the beach, back to where I started. I manage to resist the temptation to plunge into the seductive sea. The trail to Man o War turns out to be very easy to follow - unlike my unfortunate adventure the day before at Columbus Point. I know for a fact that this is not a popular trail: I have to break countless spider webs, and make sure that I close my mouth every time I do. I hear an almost constant moving of animals around me, and suspect lizards and crabs to be moving through the layer of leaves. I pass a small interior lake, and when I finally reach the beach, my shorts are full of spider webs.

Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Empty Port Royal Beach can be found to the south of Man of War Point

A short walk on the beach takes me to the cape called Man o War Point. In a distance, I see another cape, but that is Grape Point, the northernmost point of the island. I am content staying here. Across the sea, dark clouds and showers loom over the peaceful waters of the sea, contrasting sharply with the blinding white of the beach. The walking has made me sweat, and diving into the waters seems like just the right reward. Lazing time away om the soft sands makes me sweat again, which is the perfect reason to walk back to the sea and dip in again. This is a ritual that could be repeated endlessly, if not for the fact that, after the clouds have seemingly disappeared, they are suddenly back, closer than ever, and I feel drops coming down. The day is drawing to an end anyway, and I walk back to the trail. The rain has made the crabs come out, and the trail is teeming with the red-and-white creatures that I had been hearing on my way down to Man o War Point. My skin is reeling from the impact of bright sunshine, and my body is craving a good Bahamian dish which I will find a little further south.

Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Empty beach at Man of War Point
Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Beach at Man of War Point with dark sky in the background
Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Showers at sea seen from Man o War Point
Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): White beach with turquoise sea and dark sky at Man o War Point
Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Empty Port Royal beach stretches for miles south of Man o War Point
Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Branches in the surf on the pink beach close to Man o War Point
Picture of Man of War Point (Bahamas): Lake close to Man of War Point

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