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Grenada: Morne Rouge Beach

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[Visited: October 2011]

On this Sunday there were not many options than to go to a beach: transportation is thin or even non existent. A short hop on a minibus from St. George's took us to Grand Anse, a top beach destination which we gladly skipped: a large part of all big resorts is located here. Instead, we walked for about 20 minutes, crossing a hill, from which we saw our destination of the day: Morne Rouge bay. Facing west, the bay has two arms sticking out into the sea, protecting the bay, and from above, we saw that the sea was very calm. As soon as we arrived on the beach, we realized this is not like one of the secluded, deserted beaches we had seen before in the Caribbean - but the bright light on the white sand and the turquoise water made Morne Rouge look picture perfect.

Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): Boats moored in Morne Rouge bay

We walked past the few hotels at the northern side of the beach, until we reached an area where, to our surprise, we met quite a few Grenadians. After all the hiking we had done in the previous weeks, the long and intense days we had made to see as much as possible, it felt good to just lie down, and listen to the soft sound of the surf. Fortunately, there are trees on the beach which offer shade; with the fierce sunlight, definitely a good idea. And then, there is always the sea very close by. In fact, the lovely colours of the sea are so attractive it is difficult to withstand the call to swim. The sandy bottom of the bay makes swimming a joy. A group of older Grenadians arrived at the beach to do exactly that: lie in the surf, and let the sun, sand, and sea do their relaxing work.

Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): Beach and tree at Morne Rouge

The Grenadian families brought a lot of life to the beach: youngsters playing football, couples chatting and flirting, kids playing and making sand castles, people preparing lunch, having a beer, or going for a swim. The atmosphere at the beach was really good. Curious what lied behind the stretch of land jutting out into the sea, I climbed the hill and tried to reach the other side, but got stuck in private property estates. It was easy to see why people would build a house or hotel on this spot: the views were terrific. Below, the splendid Morne Rouge beach and bay, and beyond, St. George's and the mountains of central Grenada. It reminded me that this is not a big island and that things are always quite close; a notion that is largely lost when you are on the Morne Rouge beach and your view is limited to a turquoise horizon beyond a white beach.

Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): Sea gently touching the white sands of Morne Rouge beach
Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): Morne Rouge bay seen from the beach
Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): Taking a bath at Morne Rouge beach
Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): Playing football on the beach
Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada):
Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): Morne Rouge Bay and beyond seen from a hilltop
Picture of Morne Rouge Beach (Grenada): View of the Morne Rouge beach from a distance

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