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Canada: Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls | Canada | Americas

[Visited: May 1991, February 1992, November 2000]

One of the main attractions near to Toronto, the Niagara Falls have actually turned into a huge tourist centre. They draw so many visitors that entire village has been set up and organized where a visitor can find all the hotels, restaurants and casino's he wants. The drawback of this is that the actual character of the place, the waterfalls themselves, are almost downgraded to a side-show.

Picture of Niagara Falls (Canada): Niagara Falls

The best thing for a visitor who wants to enjoy at least some peace and avoid the huge crowds, is to go in spring, autumn or winter. The latter has the additional attraction of offering frozen falls, when it seems that time stands still. Although the Niagara Falls are definitely not the largest in the world, they are probably the largest that can actually freeze.

Picture of Niagara Falls (Canada): Rainbow in Niagara Falls

Walking up the river you can see at various points where the falls were located many centuries ago, and it makes you admire the sheer force of the falling water even more. At the falls, the eternal thunder of the enormous amounts of water falling down (up to 185 million litres a minute!) and the cloud that only disappears in winter are the two testimonies of the natural spectacle. In a few places there is a continuous drizzle, which at times becomes a fierce rain. The only way to escape this rain is to walk away. One nice advantage is that on sunny days you can see as many rainbows as you want. Sometimes it even feels like you are walking into them!

Picture of Niagara Falls (Canada): Niagara Falls

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