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Colombia: Plaza Botero

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[Visited: April 2009]

At the entrance to the Plaza de las Esculturas, or Plaza Botero as it has come to be known, I found many street photographers as well as guides offering their services to me. But I explored the square by myself. The most famous artist of the city, Fernando Botero donated 23 of his statues to the city which placed them on this square at the doorstep of the Museo de Antioquia, which holds more works of the famous son of the city. Moreover, the square is now known as the Plaza Botero in his honour. His sculptures, famous for the exaggerated forms of the figures represented, are easily recognized. On Plaza Botero, the majority of the figures are voluptuous naked women, but you can also find a few masculine figures, as well as a dog, cat and horse, and a sphinx. Then, there is also a giant hand which is unique in that it does not represent a human or animal.

Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Detail of Woman with mirror on the Plaza de las Esculturas, or Plaza Botero

Since the square is on a very central location in downtown Medellín, lots of people pass through it every day, and even on this Sunday afternoon, it was full of Colombians taking a stroll. More than that: most were drawn to the statues and sculptures in one way or another. While some would just look at the statues as if they were exposed in a museum, others sat on the edge to have a rest. The statues are attractive and invite people to interact with them. Kids find the statues great to climb, and do not seem to mind having a rest between the spread legs of a colossal woman. Some adults are more aware of the sensuality at least some of the statues have. It is easy to see by examining the statues which parts have been touched most.

Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Early morning view of Plaza Botero from behind a Head statue

At one point, a wedding couple was having their pictures taken near some of the statue, until the bride was carried to one of the lying women, posing with a little shy smile in front of it - what she did not notice, was her husband who threw himself up the enormous ass of the statue. But even though some people might be incited to vulgar behaviour when confronted with statues of naked people, the great thing of the Botero statues in the open air, available to everyone, is that it makes art so much more accessible to all. It is hard to imagine these statues inside a museum, with only a selected audience to enjoy them.

Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): One of the many sculptures of a woman on Plaza Botero
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Looking up at a woman lying on Plaza Botero
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Close-up of the Women with mirror sculpture on Plaza Botero
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Colombians and some of the statues on Botero Square
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Colombian girl between the legs of a voluptuous woman
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Lying woman with fruit in her hands on Plaza Botero
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Plaza Botero with the Museum of Antioquia in the background
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Naked woman balancing on top of the head of a man
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Climbing a woman: Colombian boy getting used to the shapes
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Posing at the Dog: Colombian girls on Plaza Botero
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): The Cat, one of the animals sculptured by Fernando Botero
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): Seeking protection between the legs of the Sphinx
Picture of Plaza Botero (Colombia): People having a rest at The Hand, a unique sculpture on the square

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