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Mexico: Plaza San Angel

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[Visited: August 1993; September 1994; January 1999]

Mexico City might be over-crowded, might be threatening, and might be colossal. But my remedy to this enormous city is to escape to what probably is its loveliest and most peaceful area: San Angel. This former village was completely "eaten" by Mexico City, but miraculously was able to retain its pictoresque character. Its limits are already defined by busy roads, and it is increasingly common to see cars inside its small cobblestone streets. But still walking around is a very welcome retreat from the city noise.

Picture of Plaza San Angel (Mexico): San Angel neighbourhood in Mexico City

Nearby it is interesting to visit the El Carmen monastery, in which cellars old bodies of well-conserved nuns can be seen. From there, one has to cross to San Jacinto square from where a leisurely walk can be made. On Saturday this square is home to a market, but it is also interesting to visit during weekdays.

Picture of Plaza San Angel (Mexico): Mexican tile in San Angel neighbourhood in Mexico City

On a typical walk, you can see an old church, walls with an abundance of flowers hanging down, beautifully decorated doors of houses, and even extremely attractive ceramics for the house numbers. There is a little square where time seems to have stopped. Sitting down on one of the stone benches, it seems unbelievable that you are sitting in the most crowded metropole of the planet. Living here must be a privilege!

Picture of Plaza San Angel (Mexico): Romantic corner in San Angel, Mexico City

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