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Argentina: Puerto Madryn whale watching

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[Visited: October 1994]

In this country of tango and pampa, gaucho and beef, it is also possible to find true nature lovers and marvel at the wonders of whales. These gigantic mammals have their young not far from the coast of Argentina, in the mid South, and this is where we headed for a whale watching tour. And we were pleasantly surprised by the very serious and caring way in which this was carried out. A lot of respect for the animals, a soft music (Le Grand Bleu) on the background, and all the time in the world to enjoy.

Picture of Puerto Madryn whale watching (Argentina): Whale at Puerto Madryn

Never were the animals chased, never were they forced to do anything they wouldn't have done without our presence. And this is really not always the case in these animal encounter tours. The first day it took some time to spot a whale close up, but when they were finally sighted, they stayed with us a long time, and we truly enjoyed every second of it. Amazing to be on a catamaran, not the smallest boat, and see its size completely dwarfed by the huge creatures in the sea below it! What a sensation to see those enormous bodies go swiftly and apparently effortlessly through the salty waters!

Picture of Puerto Madryn whale watching (Argentina): Whale at Puerto Madryn

The next day we not only did another whale tour, on a much smaller boat from which it was possible almost to touch the animals, we also made a tour of the Península Valdez, which contains a lot of other animals as well. We were so attracted to the whales, that we made still another whale watching tour on the last day of our visit, just before leaving. Again, it was well worth it!

Picture of Puerto Madryn whale watching (Argentina): Playing whale at Puerto Madryn
Picture of Puerto Madryn whale watching (Argentina): Floating whale near the coast of Puerto Madryn
Picture of Puerto Madryn whale watching (Argentina): Just a tiny little bit of a whale visible from the surface

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