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Bahamas: Rainbow Cliffs

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Rainbow Cliffs | Bahamas | Americas

[Visited: June 2014]

Eleuthera Island is a long, slender island, stretching out with its curvy coast like a bow on the edge between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Just looking at its map, I was triggered by its many bays, some with perfect semi-circles, its funny looking small peninsulas, and at various points narrow shape. I ended up driving the island from north to south several times. North of the middle of the island, I found a turn-off to the Rainbow Cliffs. After seeing the Glass Window Bridge further north, where the island is at its narrowest, I could imagine that the island is not only beaches with fine sand, but also has stretches of rocky coastline.

Picture of Rainbow Cliffs (Bahamas): Rainbow Cliffs rise out of the Atlantic Ocean on the ocean side of Eleuthera Island

After driving for a short while on a sandy track, I park the car, and continue walking. A rocky plate emerges in front of me, and I am happy I am wearing good shoes: I can feel the sharp rocks through my soles. At the edge of the cliffs, a different coastline opens up before my eyes: rocks rising out of the blue Atlantic. These rocks are used for diving, but I do not see anyone around, and walk the edge to enjoy the views. A totally different landscape compared to the peaceful bays with superb beaches and transparent waters. Well, the waters are transparent here, too, but instead of soft sand, the waves break on sturdy rocks.

Picture of Rainbow Cliffs (Bahamas): View of Rainbow Cliffs from below

There is an opening in the rocky cliffs, which looks like cut by humans - to allow boats to enter the sea? At the end, I find small pools with water so transparent they appear to be empty, and lots of crabs crawling around in the water. This is a different face of Eleuthera Island; the geologic formation here is interesting to see, compared to the rest of the island. The sea is very calm today, and I cannot even hear the waves break on the rocks. But it is not difficult to imagine that in times of storms, it must be spectacular to stand here and see the oceanic waves crush on the rocky walls of Rainbow Cliffs.

Picture of Rainbow Cliffs (Bahamas): Some of the Rainbow Cliffs seen from above
Picture of Rainbow Cliffs (Bahamas): The cliffs rise out of the sandy landscape of Eleuthera Island
Picture of Rainbow Cliffs (Bahamas): Rainbow Cliffs seen from the island

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