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Jamaica: Reach Falls

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Reach Falls | Jamaica | Americas

[Visited: April 2009]

The turnoff from the main road near Manchioneal was very clear, and from there, it was a short drive through some beautiful, very green landscape to our destination of the afternoon: Reach Falls. Once we parked on the road close to where a visitors centre is being built, it was a short walk down to the falls. We could hear it while still walking down the stairs, and first passed a pool just above the falls, which had some incredibly clear, greenish-blue water. Several Jamaicans were having a great time here, playing with the water. We continued to go to the base of Reach Falls.

Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Reach Falls: frontal view

Just as we took off our shirts, it started to rain hard, and we found shelter under a tree right next to Reach Falls, in some kind of cave. The few people who were in in the water left, and once the rain stopped, we had the falls to ourselves. It is very pleasant to just swim under the falls; you can actually swim behind the fine curtain of water. A short swim will take you to the other side of the pool, and here you can climb some stairs to get a view of the falls from a different angle. On the other side of Reach Falls, where the main fall is, you can have a great refreshing bath in a natural whirlpool.

Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Elegant Reach Falls

You can also go through the shower of the waterfall here, enter a pretty high cave, and see Reach Falls inside out. No matter what you do, Reach Falls is a beautiful spot to relax, and enjoy some of the most attractive natural sights of Jamaica, at the eastern side of the Blue Mountains range. Unfortunately, we did not have time to hike up or down Drivers River, which supposedly can take you to other nice spots in this very green heart of the eastern side of the island, like other, smaller, falls, caves, pools, and, ultimately, the sea. Instead, as the supervisors were on their way out, we were also supposed to leave this spot of tranquility.

Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Looking down Reach Falls
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): The main waterfall at Reach Falls
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Reach Falls with tranquil pool
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Reach Falls and transparent green water
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): View of Reach Falls
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Water running down Drivers River below Reach Falls
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): View of the pool from under the waterfall
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Surrounding trees at Reach Falls
Picture of Reach Falls (Jamaica): Jamaicans taking a dip into the transparent blue waters of Reach Falls

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