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Brazil: Rio Fruit Juices

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[Visited: February 2005 and many times before]

One of the joys of visiting tropical countries is the enormous variety of rich, tasteful fruits for sale. While nowadays you can find most popular fruits in supermarkets all around the world, tasting fresh tropical fruit is a completely different story. Fruits are harvested when they are ripe and sold almost on the spot, after which the road to the final place of consumption generally is very short.

Picture of Rio Fruit Juices (Brazil): Copacabana beach: drink stall with fresh coconuts

Rio de Janeiro is full of places where you can find an enormous variety of fresh fruits, which can be made into fruit juices on the spot. Not only is a long list of different fruit juices available, you can also mix any fruit, completely to your liking. This is perfect for whomever is walking around the city, feeling thirsty, and looking for a healthy drink. Melon, pineapple, mango, banana, passion fruit, papaya, and a whole range of other fruits are readily available, of course depending on the season. In some places, there is even a list with the calories for each fruit.

Picture of Rio Fruit Juices (Brazil): People surrounded by fruits at a fruit stall in Rio

On the boulevards of Copacabana and Ipanema, you can find numerous stalls which sell alcoholic drinks like the national caipirinha. They have less fruit juices for sale, but they can provide you with a delicious coconut. This nut is opened on the spot, the vendor hacking away with a big knife at the nut which is in his other hand. While you still hold your breath, he already gives you the coconut with a big smile. After drinking the cool juice, perhaps the best part is to ask to open the coconut. You will be handed three parts of the nut. You can scoop out the soft flesh of the coconut with a slice of the top part as a spoon.

Picture of Rio Fruit Juices (Brazil): Delicious tropical fruits waiting to be squeezed into a fruit cocktail or juice
Picture of Rio Fruit Juices (Brazil): Tropical fruit juices: a menu on the wall
Picture of Rio Fruit Juices (Brazil): Display of fruit in fruit drink joint

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