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Dominica: Roseau

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Roseau | Dominica | Americas

[Visited: September 2011]

After a long day of exploring the nature island of Dominica, we arrived on the west, leeward side, just in time to see a spectacular sunset with gigantic clouds in the sky. When we arrived in Roseau, the capital of the country, it was almost completely dark. It proved very difficult to find a place to stay; not only because we visited off-season, and on a Sunday, but also because, like other capital cities in the region, most visitors are cruise ship passengers who do not need accommodation. A guard proved very helpful in finding the owner of a family guest house; the next challenge was to find a place to eat. All restaurants we saw were closed, and like in other places in the region, people advised us to go to a well-known US chain of chicken restaurants. Fortunately, we eventually found a local restaurant where we had a nice dinner.

Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Morning light falling on houses in Roseau

The next morning, we woke up early, and walked the streets of Roseau. There were more people around now than the evening before, and the livelier state of the town gave it a much better atmosphere. We could now finally see the narrow streets and the old colonial style houses with early sunlight, and almost instantly felt attracted to it. The colourful houses, most of them built from wood, looked very nice in the warm light; every house is unique, and any street in Roseau therefore looks like a collection of houses lacking any uniformity. Some houses are only one floor high, while others have two or even three. Some are constructed from stone, others are wooden. Some have balconies, others do not. Most are old, but you can also find new buildings. Overall, a seemingly haphazard mix of styles and bright colours, all in a compact area on the waterfront which you can cross from one side to the other in a matter of ten minutes.

Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Late afternoon in a quiet street of Roseau

On the river side of Roseau, we found a small market with stalls made of wooden poles. After exploring more of the island during the day, we returned to the town again in the late afternoon. Things looked different now: a torrential rain was falling mercilessly on the streets of the town. When the sun returned half an hour later, a great soft, warm light was shining through the streets, setting the town on fire. Named Roseau by the early French settlers in the 16th century, after the reeds found in the river which made the spot attractive to found a settlement in the first place, only the name and the French style of many of the houses that are packed together in a very compressed manner. Besides its pleasant appearance, we also found the inhabitants of Roseau very friendly, and deservedly proud of their city.

Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Corner with old house in Roseau
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Wooden house with balcony in Roseau
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): House made of rocks and wood painted purple
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Reflection of wall painting for the freedom of Cubans
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Typical street in Roseau: narrow, wooden houses, one-way for cars
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Narrow street in Roseau with a row of traditional houses
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Street with traditional houses in Roseau
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Wooden balcony on a house in Roseau
Picture of Roseau (Dominica): Green house with yellow window shutters on a corner

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