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Grenada: Sandy Island

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Sandy Island | Grenada | Americas

[Visited: October 2011]

When we arranged our dive and snorkel excursion for the day, it occurred to us that we might as well stay on Sandy Island, which is close to where most of the interesting dive and snorkel sites are located, instead of shuttling up and down to Hillsborough. So it was that, after a nice wreck dive with some incredible corals off Mabouya Island, our boat sailed back to town, leaving us behind. Sandy Island is exactly what its name says: an island consisting mostly of sand. It rises from the tranquil waters of the sea in fantastic, dream-like shades of turquoise and green, and the waters are crystal clear.

Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): White sands of Sandy Island seen from the transparent waters

We had seen the island from a hilltop on Carriacou, from where it was easy to spot the reefs surrounding it. Actually being on this strip of sand was, of course, much better. I walked to the far west of the island, which only has a few palm trees - apparently, a hurricane destroyed the trees and the island is now recovering with the help of a school in Carriacou. I found that while the south side of the island consists of fine, white sand, the north side is mostly a heap of coral washed ashore - probably by the storms and hurricanes. I was happy with my sunglasses: the light and especially reflection on the white beach and the sea was blinding without.

Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): Long stretch of white sand rising from the turquoise waters

Walking back along the beach, I could only be in awe at this natural beauty that lies off the coast of Carriacou. Walking through the surf of the transparent water, the combination of colours seemed perfect. Yet another great example of the spectacularly beautiful islands of the Grenadines. After having had lunch, the warm sun and perfect temperature of the water, combined with the absolute absence of anything to do, or anywhere to go, gave us an ultimate feeling of laziness. It was almost a pity when our boat came back to pick us up for our afternoon underwater excursion. It can only be hoped that this island will stay the way it is, without any development on it.

Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): Tranquil turquoise waters arriving at the deserted white beach of Sandy Island
Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): View of Sandy Island from Carriacou
Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): Calm waters at the beach of Sandy Island
Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): View of Sandy Island from the west
Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): Clouds over Sandy Island with the sea gently arriving at the beach
Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): Stretch of beach at Sandy Island
Picture of Sandy Island (Grenada): Looking west on Sandy Island with white sand and turquoise sea

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