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Honduras: Sierra del Merendon

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Sierra del Merendon | Honduras | Americas

[Visited: January 2005]

Honduras has several mountain ranges crossing the country, and roads are often constructed following the valleys. There are not many roads actually crossing mountain ranges, they usually go around them. Going from Copán to Santa Rosa is therefore a long way, always requiring a change of bus in La Entrada, the crossroads between Copan and Chamelicon rivers. I decided to walk instead, taking the bus to Santa Rita. According to my guide, it is possible to walk from there across the mountains to San Agustín, and on towards Santa Rosa.

Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): Sierra del Merendon: agriculture on the slopes of the mountain

In Santa Rita, no one seemed to know anything about a road leading towards San Agustín, and they all told me to take a bus towards La Entrada, and get off after around 40 minutes. So, after the bus had dropped me at one of those spots I frequently asked myself why someone would ever get off exactly there, I found myself alone with my backpack, a shaky bridge, and high mountains rising on either side of the narrow valley. Even though it was quite cool when I started, I was sweating it out soon while walking up the steep road. I came through small villages, passed superb scenery with rolling hills, panoramas over the Honduran countryside, agriculture, friendly passers by on the way who always stopped to talk to me, and wishing me "¡Que le vaya bién!" at the end.

Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): Shaky bridge at the beginning of hiking through the Sierra del Merendon

After walking several hours, I finally reached San Agustín, a surprisingly big village. Fortunately, they had a pulpería, a store selling most basic needs, and I bought several drinks and some cakes, most of which I consumed on the spot. Then, I walked on to Dulce Nombre. I did not accept a ride on a passing truck, and it would take hours befor another car passed me. All that time, I walked on, through woods with high trees, the wind blowing through their tops, over hills with green, rolling countryside below, and over an always reddish road, meandering through this marvellous landscape. When finally a car stopped, I was only happy to step on its cargo and get a ride. But this was not for long, and I walked many more kilometres, took another ride with a truck full of fruit, rice, coffee and people, before I reached Dulce Nombre. From there, a car took me to the crossroads of the main road, and then it was an easy ride by bus to Santa Rosa de Copán.

Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): Green landscape on the way to San Agustín
Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): On the way to San Agustín: encountering cows
Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): Tree on the way to San Agustín
Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): Man riding horse on the way to San Agustín
Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): On the way to San Agustín: man on horse crossing river
Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): Trees on the long way to Dulce Nombre
Picture of Sierra del Merendon (Honduras): The road to San Agustín meandering through the landscape

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