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Saint Lucia: Soufrière Beaches

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[Visited: September 2011]

After trying the beach right at the waterfront of Soufrière, we wanted more, waited for the sun to be a little lower, and hiked the steep road towards the north of Soufrière, leaving behind the basin in which Soufrière lies. Initially, it provided great views over the bay and the inevitable Pitons towards the south, but eventually, after continuing walking through the forest, we arrived at Anse Chastanet. A hotel complex is constructed here, but in such a way that it the beach still looks quite natural. Yes, there are shelters on the beach, and a bar in the middle, but otherwise, the beach is remarkably well preserved.

Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): The tranquil beach of Malgretout surrounded by palm trees

From this beautiful beach, a short walk takes you to another, smaller beach without a name. I found a photo crew doing a shoot with a model, surrounded by many assistants and even laptops. But otherwise, I found the beach empty. A little further on, a small river forms a small pond before flowing into the sea, resulting in great reflections of the palm trees above the pond. At the northern end of the beach, two rock formations with curious shapes attracted me like a magnet, and I walked around them for a better view. I walked back to the southern side of Anse Chastanet, and took a dip before we hiked back to Soufrière, seeing beautiful sunset light on the Pitons on our way.

Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): Looking at the northern side of Anse Chastanet

On the way to the Petit Piton, I passed the Malgretout beach south of Soufrière, completely deserted, small waves lapping on its sands. It was not easy to withstand the call of the sea, but I did not even allow myself a short dip, as I wanted to be hiking up as early as possible. The next day, we returned to the beach, and found it as empty as the day before. An old restaurant seemed closed forever, which seemed strange; the beach looks very pretty, especially because it is right at the foot of the famous Petit Piton volcanic cone. The lack of people makes that there are many birds around the beach. Like the other beaches near Soufrière, also Malgretout is facing west, and we watched as the deep red and orange sun sank into the sea, casting a fantastic light on the clouds in the sky.

Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): Reflection of palm trees in a pond at Anse Chastanet beach
Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): End of an afternoon at Anse Chastanet
Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): The beach of Malgretout at the foot of Petit Piton
Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): The beach of Anse Chastanet seen from the southern side
Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): Shaped by wind and erosion, rock formations at Anse Chastanet
Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): River surrounded by tropical vegetation at Anse Chastanet
Picture of Soufrière Beaches (Saint Lucia): Stones in the surf of Anse Chastanet

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