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Colombia: Sucre Falls

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[Visited: April 2009]

On the main square of Santa Fé de Antioquia, I was approached by a kind gentleman who talked to me about many things. One of them was an advice to visit a little waterfall near Sucre, a small village on the other side of the Cauca river. While the sun was burning in my neck, suddenly the vision of a natural jacuzzi in the middle of nature sounded very appealing to me. Actually, it sounded irresistible. According to the man, getting there was very easy. Unexpectedly, the guy turned out to be a Jehova witness with a very lengthy introduction, and remained friendly even when I told him I was not interested.

Picture of Sucre Falls (Colombia): Following Tahamí river upstream from Sucre will take you to Cascada de Sucre

That afternoon, I showed up at a corner of the square, where the buses leave from. It turned out there were only few buses going to Sucre, and when I came back after another while, there was a minivan waiting with just one other passenger in it. After a short drive, we crossed the Puente del Occidente, the famous bridge linking the two sides of the Cauca river, the other passenger got off, and soon enough, the driver pulled into a cozy square with a church - we had arrived in Sucre. Some old men pointed me towards the Tahamí river, and I walked up the river. Strangely enough, the riverbed was completely dry at the beginning, but pretty soon, I was walking up besides a steady stream of water under a roof formed by the surrounding trees.

Picture of Sucre Falls (Colombia): Sucre falls and pool make for a refreshing visit

The river narrowed, and walking required more attention as I continued upstream, as I had to walk on stones that were slippery, and had to cross the narrow river several times. It took me less than half an hour to reach the end of this small valley. I found a small pool, and an attractive, delicate waterfall running down right into it. Opposite the falls, a cave gave natural shelter, and here I met several Colombians who immediately stroke up a conversation and offered me some strong aguardiente. The walk up here had made me all sweaty and stepping into the cool water, and under the powerful waterfall was a very good feeling. All fresh, I walked back to Sucre, picked up some mangoes under a mango tree, and realized that life was good.

Picture of Sucre Falls (Colombia): Sucre Falls seen from inside the cave
Picture of Sucre Falls (Colombia): The delicate Sucre Falls
Picture of Sucre Falls (Colombia): Water rushing down Sucre Falls
Picture of Sucre Falls (Colombia): Playing in Sucre Falls
Picture of Sucre Falls (Colombia): Tahamí river running down from Sucre Falls

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