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Colombia: Taganga

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Taganga > Colombia > Americas

[Visited: January 2009]

When I drove towards Taganga in the late evening, after having just arrived from Bogotá, I immediately felt the difference. The climate, obviously: balmy weather, a breeze, humidity - a pleasant change after the chilly nights of the highlands. But also the atmosphere where it came to people: it had a Caribbean feel about it. Relaxed and laid back, when time does not seem to be much of a factor anymore. People lazing away time on their doorstep, chatting to each other, or under a tree, on the beach.

Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Moutains and shore near Taganga

Another difference: more foreigners. After hearing only Spanish all the time, now I suddenly hear many kinds of other European languages. Likewise, apparently to please their taste, I also hear western music again - and wonder how that energetic Colombian salsa could not be fine for foreign ears. Taganga originally was a fishing village, beautifully located in a deep bay just north of Santa Marta, but while fishing still is an important industry in this village, tourism clearly has become one. There is a multitude of restaurants, hotels, agencies organizing tours in the vicinity, internet cafés, and diving schools besides the many fishing boats bobbing in the Bay of Taganga.

Picture of Taganga (Colombia): View over Playa Grande, near Taganga

After getting used to the distinctly coastal atmosphere, I enjoyed a few relaxing days on the coast. A few dives in the morning, in nearby Tayrona National Park, with low visibility but still interesting enough to keep me coming back, a tasty lunch, and lazing away time exploring the coast and walking towards Playa Grande and beyond. Being there in the afternoon when the fishing boats came back with their catch - the entire village seemed to have come to the beach to get their share of the many fish that had just before been swimming in the Bay of Taganga. Ending the day with, well - a delicious dinner with fish. Fresh fish.

Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Tayrona National Park near Taganga: typical coastline
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Island and coastline at the end of Taganga Bay
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Boats in the bay of Taganga
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Taganga has some nice sunsets
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Sun setting through cactus
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Coastline of Tayrona National Park near Taganga
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Fishing village of Taganga seen from a distance
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Catch at the end of the day at Taganga
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Playa Grande near Taganga
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Restaurants on the beach near Taganga
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Fregate bird in flight near Taganga
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Fishing boats in the early morning light in Taganga
Picture of Taganga (Colombia): Taganga seen from the Santa Marta road

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