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Honduras: Trujillo

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[Visited: January 2005]

From Limón, I took a westbound bus - when it finally arrived after a long wait. The bus was crowded, the passengers wet from the rains, there was a gay atmosphere in the bus. When after an hour of stopping for potholes filled with rain, picking up soaked passengers from desolate places that seemed completely abandoned, over bridges that were nearly overflowing with water from the river below, a girl suddenly threw up so badly that she covered several rows of passengers, there was a short silence as people looked surprised at the amount of vomit that could come out of just one person. Shortly after that, I got off at the intersection at Corocito.

Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: remnants of the fortress

From here, it was a short and wet wait at one of the street stalls selling delicious empanadas for the bus to Trujillo. Trujillo was the first settlement of the country, and it was inhabitated hundreds of years before the first Spaniards arrived here. Initially, it was the administrative centre of the colony, but the gold rush drew many people to the interior and Trujillo faded into a sleepy town on the coast. After its decline, Trujillo was conquered by French, English and Dutch pirates, after which the Spanish regained control.It regained importance when the large fruit companies started to use nearby Puerto Castilla as a port for exporting their produce. While waiting at Corocito, I actually saw one of the huge banana trucks passing by on its way to Puerto Castilla.

Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: gate of the cemetery

Trujillo is a small, quiet town. I walked the city under a light drizzle, and started with a visit to the old fortress. Originally, this was a very big stronghold, of which just few walls and buildings remain. The view over the coast and sea is great, even on a cloudy day. Then, I walked up to the old cemetery which unfortunately was closed. I peeped through the gates, and was told that the key of the lock was with someone working in the city hall, obviously closed on that day. One of the men buried at the cemetery is William Walker, an eccentric American who strove to gain control over Central America in the 19th century, mostly by military means. He was actually executed outside Trujillo. After the cemetery, I walked back to the city centre, and walked through the town, along the coastline.

Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: coastline on a not so sunny day
Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: detail of roof
Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: cemetery with overgrown tombs
Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: many wooden houses need repair works
Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: wooden house with tree
Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: façade of house
Picture of Trujillo (Honduras): Trujillo: after a few days of heavy rain, some streets turn into canals

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