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United States: Wall Street NYSE

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[Visited: December 2000]

After a visit to Trinity Church, I headed to Wall Street which is literally just a stone's throw away. For the occasion, the front part of the building was clad in Christmas decoration. Quite soon, also because of the cold, I decided to go inside for a self-guided tour.

Picture of Wall Street NYSE (United States): Detail of Wall Street

This entailed some information booths and history lessons, but the main purpose of my visit was of course the trading floor. When I entered the glass hallway through which visitors can have a look on the trading below, I had the strong sensation of having been there before... but no, that was only after having seen the images so many times on TV!.

Picture of Wall Street NYSE (United States): New York Stock Exchange

I happened to enter just 20 minutes before closing time, so I decided to stay. It was anyway quite strange to see all those busy ants of capitalism run around the floor, shouting, pointing, and leaving a chaos on the floor in the form of pieces of paper. Since close was near, I could also see some TV personalities being groomed for giving their comments on the air. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any pictures inside.

Picture of Wall Street NYSE (United States): New York Stock Exchange

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