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Grenada: Windward

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Windward | Grenada | Americas

[Visited: October 2011]

After an exciting boat ride from Union Island in the Grenadines, and setting ourselves up in Hillsborough, the main town of the island of Carriacou, we embarked on a hike to the other side of the island. It was hot and humid when we left Hillsborough, and while we worked ourselves up the main hill that runs north-south on the island, I was sweating intensely, and secretly hoping for some rain to cool down. The sun disappeared, and a wind was blowing across the hill when we walked practically on its spine. This, obviously allowed for great views of the western coast with its islands, until we finally moved to the other side and saw the eastern coast. We had to take shelter only once for some serious rain, after which we entered Windward under a drizzle.

Picture of Windward (Grenada): One of the many brightly coloured buildings of Windward

Hillsborough had been very quiet, but Windward seemed very laid-back. We did see people on the main street that basically is the only street of the village, running parallel to the coastline. We had become thirsty, and when we saw a small shop selling fresh coconuts, we sat down and tasted the rich flavour of the exotic fruit, while we chatted with the friendly owner. He also pointed out several spots where we could find boats being built - one of the activities for which Windward is famous. One of them turned out to be right around the corner; unfortunately, no one was working on it because of the weather. We continued walking north, and were struck by the diversity of the people.

Picture of Windward (Grenada): Another ship being built by the famed ship builders of Windward

Centuries ago, Scots had settled in Windward, and the results can still be seen today. Besides the dark-skinned people we had seen in all places in the East Caribbean, we now also saw fair-skinned people, and many colours in between. Beautiful people, with a unique look, smiled at us as we walked towards Petite Carenage. In order to reach the beach, we crossed a swamp and walked barefooted on a trail that was totally submerged before reaching the beach that was lovely, but unfortunately also full of sandflies. Walking back towards the elongated village, we once again took a break at the coconut shop, and were quite shocked at a heated discussion between an old man and woman, in which bad swearwords were flying through the air. It could not change our impression of this tranquil place on the north shores of Carriacou island where time seems to have stopped.

Picture of Windward (Grenada): View north from Windward, over the swamp, with Petite Martinique in the background
Picture of Windward (Grenada): One of the lovely buildings of Windward
Picture of Windward (Grenada): Typical wooden house in green colours in Windward
Picture of Windward (Grenada): No dry feet after walking this trail to Petite Carenage beach
Picture of Windward (Grenada): The flat swamp area between Windward and Petite Carenage beach
Picture of Windward (Grenada): The famous vessel constructors of Windward making yet another boat
Picture of Windward (Grenada): Petite Carenage beach, north of Windward
Picture of Windward (Grenada): Wooden house on the outskirts of Windward
Picture of Windward (Grenada): White church in Windward
Picture of Windward (Grenada): Ruins of house destroyed by hurricane Ivan in 2004
Picture of Windward (Grenada): Small cemetery with tombs surrounded by vegetation in Windward

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