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Jordan: Amman citadel

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[Visited: September 2002]

Close to downtown Amman, you can find traces of ancient cultures. All you have to do, is to walk up the narrow streets from the city centre, up to the Citadel that you see towering above the city. From below, you don't really see what's on top: that's a secret that is only revealed when you actually reach the Citadel.

Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Citadel of Amman, Roman Hercules temple

On this high location, you can find traces of Byzantine culture, the Umayyads left their footsteps, and you can also still see a Roman temple. I was here in September, the weather was perfect and the temperature just right (although the newspapers called it "cool"). I entered through the backdoor, and arrived directly at the enormous cistern, a water tank which has been restored. From here, it is a short walk to the baths.

Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Hercules temple on Citadel of Amman

Behind, the apparently only remains of an Umayyad city within an existing city have been discovered, and reconstruction work is still going on. What used to be the remains of one of the typical Umayyad palaces, has been covered by a dome. From here, I walked across the old souq, and stumbled upon the remains of a Byzantine church. Behind, I could already see a few standing columns of the Roman temple dedicated to Hercules. From here, you also have a nice view on the city and the Roman amphiteatre down below.

Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Byzantine church ruins, Citadel, Amman
Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Cistern at Citadel, Amman
Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Citadel of Amman: main street of Umayyad town
Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Detail of Umayyad entrance, Citadel Amman
Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Umayad baths, Citadel of Amman
Picture of Amman citadel (Jordan): Modern-day Amman seen from Citadel

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