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South Korea: Cheju-do

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[Visited: June 1993]

The place to go for Korean couples when just married is an island to the south of the peninsula, which is called Cheju-do or Honeymoon Island. Originally a Korean secret, this island is now also directly accessible for Japanese couples who are looking for a more exotic destination to celebrate their wedding. In Korea, the wedding is a huge event in which a lot of money is invested. The perfect honeymoon for such a wedding is obviously a trip to Cheju Do. Indeed, while on the plane to the island I could see a plane full of couples, and although I did not interview them all, I readily assumed that they were all honeymooning.

Picture of Cheju-do (South Korea): Cheju-Do

This island is gifted with many beaches, enormous amounts of hotels to cater for the recently wed, but also some things to see and do while there. On the east coast, there are still old women who dive for seaweed, without any equipment, like their predecessors have done for centuries. Seaweed can be seen lying around to dry on the roads. On the south coast, there are two waterfalls near the beaches at Sogwipo, one of which falls directly into the sea. And in the middle of the island, there is the Halla volcano which can be climbed even without any experience. Walking trails lead right up to the summit, with a peek into the crater lake and views of the entire island as a reward for the climb.

Picture of Cheju-do (South Korea): Drying seaweed on Cheju-Do

On the pictures, you can see a ferry boat leaving for one of the islets near to Cheju Do, a waterfall near to the sea, and seaweed drying on the road. It is highly recommended, unless your Korean is fluent, to bring a guide book with Korean characters, so you can make yourself understood.

Picture of Cheju-do (South Korea): Cloud lying on a mountain of Cheju-do

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