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Syria: Damascus' old city

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[Visited: April 2002]

It is claimed that Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, with traces going back as far as around 7,000 years ago. As such, it has seen much of the world history of the past millennia, it has seen Persians, the Greeks and Alexander the Great, Romans, Muslims, Mongols, Ottomans, Mamluks and the French. Often, new houses were constructed on top of older ones, and the old town actually consists of layers of "versions" of Damasus which can be seen in various parts of the town.

Picture of Damascus' old city (Syria): Street in Damascus old city

As soon as you dive into the old town from any of the entrances from the modern city, you dive into a maze of alleys, a labyrinth of small streets with arches, with shops, with mosques and churches, with arches and remnants of the old defensive wall, with restaurants hidden behind small doors. From every corner, the age of the houses dawns on you. It is actually quite easy to imagine that life might not even have been very different here many centuries ago.

Picture of Damascus' old city (Syria): Inside the souq of Damascus

Sometimes alleys are so tight that you can just walk inside without touching the walls. Some alleys are covered by vines, giving them a distinctly village-like appearance. Despite all the winding little streets, the many sidestreets and small squares, it is somehow impossible to get lost here - sooner or later you find yourself near one of the landmarks. Stepping back into modern-day Damascus with its traffic is like stepping forward into history.

Picture of Damascus' old city (Syria): Local medicine at Damascus souq
Picture of Damascus' old city (Syria): Door in Damascus old city
Picture of Damascus' old city (Syria): Gate in Damascus old city
Picture of Damascus' old city (Syria): Vines hanging over street in Damascus old city
Picture of Damascus' old city (Syria): Alley in Damascus old city

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