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Israel: Israeli Dead Sea

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[Visited: August 1999]

For quite some time, I have been convinced that while I am from a country without mountains, at least my country had the lowest places on earth, below sea level. Then, I found out that the lowest point is actually more than 400 metres below sea level, in a country which also has real mountains. Because of its special geographical location, this sea-lake is also substantially more salty than any normal sea.

Picture of Israeli Dead Sea (Israel): Dead Sea coast

So it was definitely worth the trip from Tel Aviv to explore this odd place. After having walked around in a nature park nearby and having enjoyed lunch at a typical kibbutz, it was time to "dive" into the waters of the sea. Already the coastline looked different, with strange salt formations.

Picture of Israeli Dead Sea (Israel): Floating swimmer in Dead Sea

First of all, you cannot enter the water in a conventional way, but you are strongly advised to enter bottom-first. After that, there is no real swimming, rather floating around. The high temperature of the water added to a general feeling of laziness. A mud bath seemed a perfect way to end this healthy day, although I was very happy that I could not really see myself...

Picture of Israeli Dead Sea (Israel): Mud bath at Dead Sea
Picture of Israeli Dead Sea (Israel): Salt on rocks in the Dead Sea

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