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Timor-Leste: Jaco island

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Jaco island | Timor-Leste | Asia

[Visited: November 2014]

The easternmost part of East Timor is an uninhabited island, and the smallest one of the country. It is called Jaco, and it is a protected area. When we drive out of Lospalos, we first go to Tutuala, a village on top of a hill with sweeping views of the north coast of East Timor. From here, it is easy to see how there is a shallow, light turquoise part of the coast, which then drops off sharply just off the coast into dark blue. Our destination of the day, Jaco island, is not yet visible: it is just behind a mountain range. The 8km it takes to drive down to Valu beach are gruesome, and take well over half an hour of being thrown around a 4WD with hands clinging on to grips, trying to avoid your head being smacked against the car. You start asking yourself: where is that beach, and is it really worth the trouble?

Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): Looking north on the west side of Jaco island with crystal clear seas and white beach

When we get out and look east, these minor hardships are quickly forgotten. Standing on a white sand beach, with a few colourful wooden boats, Jaco emerges from the narrow channel separating the island from Timor. Three boats take our party across, and when we approach the island, the sight of the transparent, brilliant blue sea and the blindingly white sands of the beach imprint themselves on our eyes. The boats drop us off, and the island is ours for a couple of hours - even though we have to share it with a few others. I walk the beach one end, and back, dip in the water, and have a look at the interior of the island of Jaco.

Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): View of the white and deserted beach of Jaco island

We have lunch, and when we see one of the boats coming across, we feel it is way too early to leave. But they do not come to pick us up; instead, they have grilled two of the big fish that we had seen hanging from a branch of a tree. What we thought was lunch turns out to be just the appetiser, and we literally dig into the fresh meat of the barbecued fish. Our stay in paradise is extended; more relaxation time follows, in which some of us just lie on the beach, others chat in the water, or snorkel, or walk the beach. But even these moments come to an end, and when we see three boats on their way across the channel, we know our time has come to say goodbye to paradise.

Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): These waters just beg you to swim
Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): Jaco island seen from the eastern tip of Timor
Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): View of Jaco island from the sea
Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): The deserted white beach of Jaco island
Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): The inviting turquoise sea off Jaco island
Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): View of Jaco island from the turquoise water
Picture of Jaco island (Timor-Leste): Palm tree in the typical landscape of Jaco island

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