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Bangladesh: Khulna water landscape

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Khulna water landscape | Bangladesh | Asia

[Visited: April 2010]

Much of Bangladesh is flat as a table, yet the landscapes in the country can be very beautiful. Much of the country lies in a big river delta, which means that you can find water virtually everywhere. It certainly depends on the time of the year: the country is well-known for its recurrent floods that can make life here difficult. But water can also be used to the advantage of the inhabitants. To the casual visitor, it can make the land look simply beautiful. That beauty struck me first on a bus ride from Khulna to Mongla. When, later that same day, I returned again to Khulna, I made sure to be on a window seat, and again, was glued to that window to enjoy the scenery.

Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Sunset over a water landscape

After my visit to Bagerhat, I decided to come back to this same area. I took the bus to the big junction between the two cities, and another bus towards Mongla. It was definitely not easy to explain to the ticket vendor in the bus that I actually did not know my destination: I had decided to get off as soon as we reached the beginning of the landscape I liked so much. When that was finally the case, I paid what I thought was a reasonable amount of Taka, and started walking towards Mongla. On my right hand side, I saw wide stretches of water, with straight lines of land in between, and with small houses scattered throughout the wet landscape.

Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): House on wooden poles in a landscape of water

I noticed fishing nets and small wooden canoes, and indeed, saw several places with thousands of small silvery fish drying in the sun. I continued walking, saw some smaller stretches of water on the left hand side of the road - but the main attraction was on the western, right hand side. Water stretching out to the horizon, with narrow strips of land leading to houses in a far away distance, in some places rickety bamboo bridges, provided just enough space to reach anywhere around this landscape on foot. As the sun was sinking towards the horizon, the landscape only became more wonderful. The silvery shine of the water took on a golden hue, the brownish shapes of the houses gradually turned into black silhouettes contrasting with the golden light in the air. I was watching probably the most beautiful sunset I saw in the country.

Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Dyke running through a landscape of water
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Water surrounding a house in typical landscape
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Water divided by strips of land
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Water, strips of land, and houses in a sunset
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): House connected by a bamboo bridge
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Strips of land running through water in the late afternoon
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Sun setting over typical landscape with house on a strip of land
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Typical landscape between Khulna and Mongla: land, water, and a tree
Picture of Khulna water landscape (Bangladesh): Lines in the landscape: man-made river landscape with house

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