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Thailand: Ko Kret

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[Visited: August 2017]

After a morning visit to Nonthaburi market, I discover that there are only early morning and late afternoon boats between Nonthaburi and Ko Kret. The taxi driver makes the ride probably the most hilarious one I ever took, and when I reach a small pier behind the Wat Sanam Nua temple and jump on a small boat. It only takes a few minutes to cross the river, before I can step on Ko Kret. Created in 1722 after a canal was dug to create a shortcut in the Chao Phraya river, it has developed into a small Mon community. Indeed, the moment I step on the pier, Bangkok seems very far away. I am here on a weekday, and therefore find the island almost without visitors, and many shops and stalls closed. I start my exploration at the northeastern tip of the island, at Wat Poramai Yikawat, the most prominent temple of Ko Kret, built in Mon style; Mon are an ethnic group from Burma.

Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Wat Phai Lom with golden birds and temple

The first part of the complex to explore is the leaning stupa, right on the riverfront - I have seen it already from the boat that took me to Ko Kret. It is a curious structure, surrounded by flags, decorated by a red cloth. Next to it, I find a hall with Buddha statues, plastered with pieces of gold paper. A little further, the main temple, which unfortunately is under reconstruction. Behind it, a white stupa, with a marble Buddha statue in a small alcove. A little further: a reclining Buddha, completely golden. When I walk towards the south, I come across a large school, and kids saluting me. I now start my exploration of the rest of the island. I follow the concrete path leading south, through the village. Houses on stilts, houses with artsy details, small canals leading off the Chao Phraya river, bridges, boats, but: almost no people. It is very quiet indeed.

Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Golden stupa with dark sky at Wat Phai Lom

When I arrive at Wat Chim Plee Sutthawat, I get into the compound to explore this richly decorated and colourful temple. I climb a bell tower which offers views over the monastery, where orange robes hang to dry while the monks enjoy lunch. There are more temples before I follow the causeway leading west, towards the interior of the island. Ponds filled with lotus flowers, rustic houses, hamlets where people congregate to talk under one of the big trees, small altars with statuettes: the interior of Ko Kret is as peaceful as you can imagine. When I reach the northern side of the island, I notice a little more people around, take a rest at the riverfront directly opposite a huge golden Buddha just across the river, before visiting Wat Phai Lom. In the garden leading to the temple, I see two big, golden hamsa, a kind of goose, which I see again near the temple itself. Behind, I find a brilliant golden stupa. From the temple, it is a short walk back to the eastern side of the island, where I catch the boat back to the opposite side of the river after a most relaxing and enjoyable exploration on Ko Kret.

Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): One of the many houses on stilts on Ko Kret
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Leaning stupa of Wat Poramai Yikawat
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Decorated window shutter at Wat Phai Lom
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): One of the altars found on Ko Kret
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Side view of temple at Wat Phai Lom
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): The concrete walkway of Ko Kret
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Detail of statue of bearded man at Wat Chim Plee Sutthawat
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Canal off the Chao Phraya river at Ko Kret
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): The richly decorated roof of Wat Chim Plee Sutthawat
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Wat Phai Lom has an impressive Golden Buddha
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Reclining Buddha, richly decorated, in Wat Poramai Yikawat
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Golden Buddha statues in Wat Poramai Yikawat
Picture of Ko Kret (Thailand): Richly decorated window of Wat Chin Plee Sutthawat

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