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Kuwait: Kuwait Towers

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Kuwait Towers | Kuwait | Asia

[Visited: June 2011]

Even though my hotel was in the southern part of the city, and even though it was a hot day, I decided to walk all the way to the Kuwait Towers. Quite a long way into the walk, I suddenly saw slender peaks piercing into the hazy sky, and it was at once certain that those were the Kuwait Towers. Before, they had been hidden behind the high-rise skyline of the city. From a distance, the Kuwait Towers look futuristic, they all have different heights, the middle one of them has one globe, and the tallest, two. When I got closer, they somehow started to look less modern, and when I had reached the very foot of the towers and was standing on the grass underneath after having paid my entrance ticket, I could see that the towers were constructed in the 1970s.

Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Looking up the roof of the globe from inside the observation deck

The elevator up was fast, and when I stepped out into the highest globe of the tallest tower, the city of Kuwait was lying at my feet. But it was a limited view, for the windows were all full of sand and dust. There was a small exhibition with photos of the destruction of the towers at the hands of the Iraqi troops, and the anger of the Kuwaitis was obvious through the accompanying texts. Apparently, the Kuwait Towers had been shelled during the occupation of the country. The towers were originally built in the 1970s and opened in 1979, and the globes are more than just decoration: the lower one in the tallest tower, the one below me, holds over 3.5 million litres of water, while the middle tower also contains water. The shortest tower lights up the other two during the night, and indeed, I saw holes with lights inside from the bottom to the top.

Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): The three Kuwait Towers seen together from below

On the top floor of the observation deck, I quickly discovered that there was a revolving ring inside, so you have a choice: you can either let the skyline float by while standing on the revolving ring, or you can step out of it, and decide for yourself how fast you want to walk around, and where you want to stop. To assist the visitors, there are plenty of signs on the inside of the globe, pointing out other landmark buildings in the city. With the hazy air, and the sand-covered windows, it was not easy to really see all those sights. But still, the surrounding areas, and the beaches, looked cool from this altitude. After going down again, I walked one of the beaches I had just seen from above, and when I turned around after a while, had a great view of the Kuwait Towers, reflected in the wet sand.

Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Highrise buildings of the Kuwait skyline seen from the observation deck of the Kuwait Towers
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Looking at the Kuwait Towers with a beach in the foreground
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): View of the three Kuwait Towers from below, with the shortest tower in the foreground
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Kuwait Towers seen from a distance
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): The two globes of the tallest tower: the lowest one contains water, the highest one, the observation deck
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): The globe with the observation deck seen from below
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Looking through the glass of the observation deck with the skyline of Kuwait city
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Lines of one of the globes with protective poles for the staircase in the foreground
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Kuwait Towers seen from below with globes sticking out
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): View of Kuwait city from the globe with the observation deck
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Knobs of the staircase in the observation globe
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Decoration in blue and green of the globe of the second tower
Picture of Kuwait Towers (Kuwait): Destruction by Iraqi troops in the Kuwait Towers during the Iraqi invasion

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