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Philippines: Philippines Fishing

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Philippines Fishing | Philippines | Asia

[Visited: May 1998]

The Philippines are a very marine country. The ocean is everywhere, and defines the existence of the archipelago. Obviously, the country relies heavily on fishing for consumption. Therefore it was obvious to go and see the return of the fishermen one early morning.

Picture of Philippines Fishing (Philippines): Philippines fishing boat

Many Philippine boats have two floaters on each side, and nearly all of them are colourful displays of fishery art. After returning to shore, the nets are cleaned and the fish are almost directly displayed to those interested on the quay. the fisherman laze off at the deck after a very early rise and active morning hours.

Picture of Philippines Fishing (Philippines): Close-up of Philippines fishing boat

Some of them clean their boats, and get it ready for the next catch in the late afternoon. This ritual is performed daily by so many fishermen around the world. The boats get shiny and their colours are accentuated especially but the bright early morning sun.

Picture of Philippines Fishing (Philippines): Fishing in the Philippines

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