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Thailand: Raman Forest

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[Visited: October 2005]

After visiting Wat Tham Suwannakuha, we decided to walk on to Raman Forest, some 6 kilometres away. It was a good way to get to know the countryside a little better. We passed some lush green fields, wherever we looked were trees and hills in the distance. And as almost always in Thailand, friendly people on the way. After eating a delicious pomelo we walked on, and could not resist when a motorbike with combination stopped and offered us a ride. Quite soon we got off at the entrance of Rawan Forest.

Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Lush vegetation on the way to Raman Forest

We directly entered Raman Forest park after reading some information. The brook was always on our right hand side as we walked up. The path was very easy to follow, and several times we descended to the bank of the brook, enjoying both the view and the sound of small, lovely waterfalls. At one such point, we discovered a spider, patiently waiting in his huge web. On the way up, we also marvelled at huge bamboo and other trees in abundance. Walking always further up finally took us to the main waterfall, which was kind of a desillusion, it was certainly not the prettiest waterfall of the path.

Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Raman Forest: one of the many tiny waterfalls

We stayed some time, enjoying the sun and the peacefulness of the spot, before going back down. Unfortunately, as often happens in dense forests, we did not see any of the animals that are supposed to roam around Raman forest, but instead heard a lot of birds singing above our heads. At one point, we spotted a large yellow-black striped spider, but that was all. We stopped at one of the pools further down for a relax moment, and then started walking back towards Phang Nga.

Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Spider waiting patiently in his web in Raman Forest
Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Raman Forest: small waterfall and pool
Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Raman Forest: water rushing down in brook
Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Tropical trees along the path leading to the waterfall of Raman Foresat
Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Raman Forest: bamboo in abundance
Picture of Raman Forest (Thailand): Giant leaf in Raman Forest

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