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Singapore: Singapore River

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[Visited: July 2009]

I started walking alongside Singapore River early in the morning, when the light was still merciful, and when the heat was still pleasant, without the oppressing humidity that makes walking a sweaty experience later on during the day. The surface of Singapore River was very quiet, and the surroundings were reflected perfectly in the still waters. I followed a bicycle/pedestrian path which was almost completely empty at this time of the day, and I stopped at some of the small, futuristic bridges spanning the Singapore River. A small boat was breaking the spell of the tranquil waters, causing small waves to crush on the river banks.

Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Quiet corner on Singapore River with room for a chat

Singapore River actually is not a mighty river like some giants in Asia, but it is the most important river of the city state. It is 11 km long, and its mouth was the location of old Singapore port. This was the place from which the city developed, and it still is the most expensive and prominent place of Singapore. The city developed around the port and along Singapore River, leading to a heavy increase of river traffic and the pollution of the river and its banks. The 1970s saw a major cleanup operation that had a major impact on the river: marine life returned, and the area became much more attractive.

Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Sculpture by Chong Fah Cheong to remember local boys playing in Singapore River

The area surrounding Singapore River has been developed, especially around Boat Quay and Clarke Quay: you can now find an extensive array of restaurants, shopping malls, but also pick a boat tour on the river if you prefer not to walk. It has become an area for leisure, for passing time - in fact, you can see many people exercise, take a stroll, or just sit on a bench and chat with friends, either live or through a cell phone. I was surprised to find so many pedestrian bridges across the river. Some of them, like the very colourful Alkaff bridge in the shape of a traditional boat, are true pieces of art, while others, like Cavenagh Bridge, are historical points of interest. The river walk ends at where the river empties into Marina Bay - the port of Singapore has been relocated making this a more tranquil place than it once was.

Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Boat Quay with skyscrapers
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Early morning light over Jiak Kim bridge over Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Pedestrian Robertson Bridge over Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Singapore River and one of the few remaining old houses
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Apartment blocks lining Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Reflection of Alkaff Bridge in Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Clarke Quay with restaurants along Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Singapore River at Clarke Quay
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Clarke Quay: stairs leading down to Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Elgin Bridge near the mouth of Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Cavenagh Bridge is a monumental bridge spanning Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Colourful Alkaff bridge is one of the many bridges spanning Singapore River
Picture of Singapore River (Singapore): Skyscrapers at the end of Singapore River

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