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India: Udaipur

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Udaipur | India | Asia

[Visited: January 1991]

Udaipur - City of marble Perhaps the most romantic city in India to be visited by a foreigner is Udaipur, by some called the Venice of the East. This beautiful city in Rajasthan, the west of India, on the shore of a lake, which is surrounded by pleasant hills, boasts palaces, hilltop fortresses, a museum, havelis (typical mansions) and one of the most extraordinary hotels on earth. The old, inner city is surrounded by walls and can be entered through one of the seven gates. Here, the City Palace and its museum can be visited. One of the highlights in the museum is the peacock mosaics, but other typical indian objects are on display as well, and it offers wide views over the city, the lake and the surrounding hills. Close to the palace, the Jagdash temple merits a visit, with among other things huge elephants guarding the entrance.

Picture of Udaipur (India): Washing in the waters of Udaipur at a ghat

When in Udaipur, one should try to make a tour of the lake; this can easily be done by bicycle. One of the rewards are views of the city from the other side of the lake, as well as the possibility to encounter the friendly people of this region. We highly recommend to watch the sun set slowly over the many ghats, stairs leading into the water, where people flock, take a bath or simply wash their clothes. The fading lights of the sun are majestically reflected by the water and the buildings on the opposite side.

Picture of Udaipur (India): Lake Palace in Pichola Lake and surrounding mountains

One more excursion that I strongly recommend is a boat tour on the lake, preferably near the end of the afternoon. This normally takes you to the Lake Palace Hotel, an entirely marble structure which is situated in the middle of the lake. Some of you might remember it starred in James Bond's Octopussy movie. Anyway, to see the sun set slowly while moving around the lake and enjoying the views and the colours, is a true feast to the eyes!

Picture of Udaipur (India): Reflection of late-afternoon Udaipur in its waters
Picture of Udaipur (India): Blue boat on the waters of Udaipur
Picture of Udaipur (India): Buildings and tree reflected in the waters of Udaipur
Picture of Udaipur (India): Udaipur seen from one of the monumental buildings
Picture of Udaipur (India): Marble palace of Udaipur in the late afternoon sun
Picture of Udaipur (India): Pichola Lake with Lake Palace, the landmark of Udaipur
Picture of Udaipur (India): Lake Palace in the late afternoon: sun shining through the palace
Picture of Udaipur (India): Balcony of traditional house in Udaipur
Picture of Udaipur (India): Stairs leading to a temple in Udaipur

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