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India: Varanasi

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Varanasi | India | Asia

[Visited: February 1996]

India is an intriguing country, and within India, Varanasi is an intriguing city. Here people travel from all over the country to wash themselves in the river Ganga. Here people come to die, be burnt and their ashes disposed in the holy river. This is therefore definitely a place to visit for a foreigner, although always with caution. On my visit, I had a rather frightening experience.

Picture of Varanasi (India): Varanasi and river Ganges

While absorbing the images of the river Ganga and the bodies being burnt continuously, while people were washing themselves near the 'ghat' in the same water where ashes were being dedicated to the holy water, I saw an old man in a white dress overlooking the river. I thought the shot was perfect and decided to quickly take the picture, knowing that it is stricly forbidden to take pictures of the ceremonies. Unfortunately my action did not go unnoticed.

Picture of Varanasi (India): Old Indian man on Ganges river in Varanasi

Someone knocked on my shoulder, and I looked into the angry face of an Indian. He claimed to seize my camera, beat me up and make sure that I would spend some time in prison. Within no time at all, my (female) travel companion and I were surrounded by a crowd of at least 40 people, all angry. No way out, I thought, while I tried to remain calm. In the end, while someone was already beating me with a stick, my friend, who had been completely ignored until then, rescued me by shouting that they should not touch me. After some hesitation, they seemed to be stunned by her action. We gladly took the opportunity to escape....

Picture of Varanasi (India): Drying dung in Varanasi
Picture of Varanasi (India): Buildings of Varanasi on the river Ganges
Picture of Varanasi (India): View of Varanasi as seen from the Ganges river
Picture of Varanasi (India): The holy water of the Ganges used for laundry purposes
Picture of Varanasi (India): People on a boat on the Ganges river at sunrise

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